20 Nov 2009

youutbe channels

heres my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/cyberking2009
and this blog http://www.youtube.com/thedrwhositepointwo
the last of sarah jane on today 4:35.

19 Nov 2009

the gift part 2

its the end of sarah jane tommorow so heres the trailer for part 2 of the gift

15 Nov 2009

the end of time trailer

heres my video on youtube of the end of time.

the adults mag

Heres the older magerzine of doctor who.

children in need

Do something different for children in need this year go to this site to get your details.


the dr who adventures mag this week

with more dr who facts.and a selection about this weekends epsiode.

Also this week:

•Preview of the next episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures!
•Three brilliant posters
•FREE Doctor Who notebook and pen!
•Subscription offer - subscribe today and save 30% and get a free Doctor Who: The Ultimate Monster Guide book!
Issue 141 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is out Thursday 12 November, price £2.10!

water of mars radio times cover

The radio times for the water of mars

Few More Hours untill


The gift part 1

10 Nov 2009

Mona lisa's revenge

Heres a picture of Mona lisa with a sontaran gun (kaagh's gun) .

mona lisa's revenge

5 Nov 2009

my forum it needs more members do join