24 Dec 2009

End of time figures

Heres some figures from the end of time a new doctor with different hair style and the master in his new hoodie and there have been rumours of a ederly ood and wilf together as well.

23 Dec 2009

The Email

if you got any thing to ask about the site near the bottom of the page theres an email thing which lets you send emails to me you just need to put your name the comment and your email address and i try to get back to you in a day or so you can put your comment in the cbox (cyberking2009) cbox.
if i dont like that much i delete it and then you can comment on the cbox

To Sylar

The End of time

Only 2 more days

4 Dec 2009

20 Nov 2009

youutbe channels

heres my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/cyberking2009
and this blog http://www.youtube.com/thedrwhositepointwo
the last of sarah jane on today 4:35.

19 Nov 2009

the gift part 2

its the end of sarah jane tommorow so heres the trailer for part 2 of the gift

15 Nov 2009

the end of time trailer

heres my video on youtube of the end of time.

the adults mag

Heres the older magerzine of doctor who.

children in need

Do something different for children in need this year go to this site to get your details.


the dr who adventures mag this week

with more dr who facts.and a selection about this weekends epsiode.

Also this week:

•Preview of the next episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures!
•Three brilliant posters
•FREE Doctor Who notebook and pen!
•Subscription offer - subscribe today and save 30% and get a free Doctor Who: The Ultimate Monster Guide book!
Issue 141 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is out Thursday 12 November, price £2.10!

water of mars radio times cover

The radio times for the water of mars

Few More Hours untill


The gift part 1

10 Nov 2009

Mona lisa's revenge

Heres a picture of Mona lisa with a sontaran gun (kaagh's gun) .

mona lisa's revenge

5 Nov 2009

my forum it needs more members do join


16 Oct 2009

The Eternithy trap Synopsis

Part 1 - Thu 5th Nov, 4:35PM
A haunted house, with mysterious whispers and secrets in the shadows attracts Sarah Jane's attention in the first of a new, two-part adventure, written by Phil Ford and directed by Alice Troughton.

When Professor Rivers and the gang investigate an old legend, a monstrous creature appears in the night as the terrifying grasp of Erasmus Darkening reaches out from centuries past.

Part 2 - Fri 6th Nov, 4:35PM
Sarah Jane and the gang discover the secrets of Erasmus Darkening, in the second and concluding part of The Eternity Trap, but are they too late? As ghosts from the past rise up, and the quest to find the missing children reaches a climax, it seems that nothing can stop the ancient alchemist's rise to victory.
Judoon was brillant in the revenge of the judoon brillant i say i give that story 5 out of 5.

10 Oct 2009

Wedding of Sarah Jane (book cover)

I think this could be the book cover of the wedding of Sarah Jane.

9 Oct 2009

The second series box set

Bonus Features:

Interviews with cast & crew
Season synopses for all stories
Investigating Tools - a gadget glossary
Quiz with special footage prize
Character & alien profiles
Photo gallery
Audio clips
so join in with sarah and the gang.

New Dr who magerzine-issue 201 i think

Heres the new issue of the main dr who magerzine with 25 free cards including a special edition card of the dr who and its all about sarah jane in the this issue cause of the new series that day.
Plus you can win the sarah jane adventures dvd.

Dr who magerzine-issue 136

Come with 2 packets of alien armies cards and a slitheen mask as well,
Our Top 10 this week is all about the grossest Slitheen scenes! Top scenes include the Slitheen experimenting on the brain of a poor old pig and the Doctor stopping a Slitheen with breath freshener, but who will come top in this gross countdown?

Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead are the focus of this week’s story guide. Find out what happens when the Doctor and Donna arrive on a planet where every book ever written is stored. Beware, as danger lurks in the shadows!

As the new Doctor’s arrival approaches, Doctor Who Adventures goes back to 1963 to meet the first Doctor, and we also look into what causes the Time Lord to regenerate!

8 Oct 2009

Sarah Jane (the wedding of Sarah Jane) story

Part 1 - Thu 29th Oct, 4:35PM
Sarah Jane has met Peter Dalton and wants him to become part of her life, as the adventure series continues; perhaps he could become a father to Luke. But Clyde suspects that Peter is hiding a secret or two, especially when he and Rani find an empty house where Peter says his home should be.

The Doctor makes a spectacular return on the happiest day of Sarah Jane's life but a deadly trap is awaiting them all.

As the strands of a clever and careful plan come together, can even a Time Lord save Sarah Jane on the day of her arch-enemy's greatest triumph?

Part 2 - Fri 30th Oct, 4:35PM
The Doctor joins the battle, as the power of the Pantheon Of Discord grows in strength, in the second and concluding part of this week's story, but a deadly trap is waiting for them all.

The Doctor makes a spectacular return on the happiest day of Sarah Jane's life, but is he too late to save both his old companion and Earth itself? As the strands of a clever and careful plan draw together, the two friends are separated across different time zones and must fight to save each other. For one, there's a terrible price to pay.

Sarah jane series 3 (Mad woman in the attic)

Part 1 - Thu 22nd Oct, 4:35PM
Rani investigates strange rumours about a demon living in a funfair at the seaside. What she finds there, however, is far more alarming than that and she makes a decision that affects not only her future, but also the futures of all those she cares about…

Far in the future, in 2059, an old Rani remembers the day when her whole life went wrong. As her younger self investigates mysterious disappearances at an abandoned funfair, she sets into motion a chain of events which unleash the terrible powers of the alien Eve.

Part 2 - Fri 23rd Oct, 4:35PM
Alien Eve’s powers grow out of control, with everyone caught in her sinister and endless games. As the echoes of an ancient war threaten the modern world, the danger extends all the way to the year 2059. If Rani fails to change her own destiny, then everyone is doomed.

New logo

The new Dr who logo for 2010 is now showing so is the video for the logo .

5 Aug 2009

Can the cloned doctor come back?

We last saw the "cloned doctor"at then end of the 4th series as David Tennant could he come back again with matt smith or the last epsiode this year?

Here are some of the pictures of the making of the program

I just like to say a big well done to Sylar for a brillant website which i havernt been on for a while so goodluck to him in the future

heres the link http://www.ultimatedoctorwho.blogspot.com/